Michael Jackson Billie Jean

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Michael Jackson Billie Jean

This is a portrait of Michael Jackson performing Billie Jean from the world renown Thriller Album. The artist watched the Billie Jean video over and over to ge every detail of this historical pose by the King of Pop! If you are a Michael Jackson fan, or a person who loves music or art, this is a wonderful piece to own. This could be a framed as 2 separate pieces of art. The King of Pop is known for just his feet. Although, this is not the typical tip-toe pose, it's and artistic take on the King of Pop's famous tip-toe pose. lf you would like a portrait of your favorite singer, contact us at sassandclasscollectibles@gmail.com.

Medium: Color Pencil on Matte Board

Dimensions: Upper half is 16x20, lower half is approximately 16x14

This piece is unframed